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Dirt Tricks Sprocket WarrantyAll Dirt Trick’s Sprockets are designed to meet the highest quality and design standards possible. The longevity of our sprockets are second to none  and are guaranteed for 1-Year against defects in materials, craftsmanship, and/or excessive wear.

The sprocket will be replaced free of charge at our sole discretion if any of the following conditions exist:

1.  Within 12 months of purchase, any cracking caused during motorcycle operation for which the motorcycle was intended.

2.  Any excessive wear: If within 12 months of purchase, the original tooth profile is worn at any point beyond .025″ (0.6mm) from its original profile on the majority of teeth. This measurement represents 1/2 of the original tooth profile. In other words, if you have worn the majority of the sprocket  teeth to the point that more than 1/2 of the tooth is missing compared to a brand new sprocket tooth. If you have accomplished this then your sprocket has reached our wear limit and is eligible for warranty replacement. Good job! This is only achieved by the most serious rider!

Worn Sprocket(This sprocket represents the wear from nearly 2 years of riding and 15 rear tires.)


This guarantee does not cover sprockets that have cracking or breakage as a result of insufficient chain slack, cracked and/or missing chain rollers/guides  or loose, missing or improperly tightened sprocket bolts. Nor sprockets that are damaged from a crash, misuse, abuse, lack of care, or compromised hubs. Compromised hubs include “ovaled out” hub mounting holes and/or cracked hubs as the result of prior loose/missing sprocket bolts , excessive heat/stress caused by worn wheel bearings, misalignment, or insufficient chain slack. Always consult your owners manual for proper chain adjustment for your model bike! Our guarantee does not cover bending, the chrome plating finish, or rust. We do not warranty a warranty, in other words if you wear a sprocket out and we replace it, the replacement is not eligible for warranty. Original Sales receipt or photo copy of original sales receipt must accompany all claims for consideration. Sprockets considered for guarantee claims will be replaced with same model and size of original and will usually ship the same day they are received. Dirt Tricks warrants original products only and does not cover damage to any other part on the bike that may occur. Dirt Trick’s Sprockets are intended for off road use only and are warranted for 12 months from the date of purchase.

International customers: Dirt Tricks rear sprockets are only eligible for warranty, counter-shaft sprockets are excluded. If you are outside the USA, please contact us via email at sales@dirttricks.com for further instruction and information on how to proceed.

Dirt Tricks sprockets for warranty must be returned to:

Dirt Tricks, Inc.
Attn: Warranty Department
2554 Business Parkway
Minden, NV 89423

Please include your return shipping information, phone number and email!


Dirt Tricks sprockets are superior to any competitor, and we take great pride their quality and durability. Your satisfaction is guaranteed! Our sprockets are the both the longest lasting and the lightest steel sprockets in the world. We are serious off-road riders with years of experience and strive for legendary customer service. We are here to help you.  Please contact us with any questions, comments, concerns or to just to talk about riding.
sales@dirttricks.com  775-267-6361

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