Regina O-ring Chain


NOTE: Each Regina chain comes with one press fit style master link and one rivet style master link.

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This gold O-ring chain holds up extremely well to the rigors of off-road riding and racing. Designed to ensure high resistance to elongation and to the severe impulse stresses caused by off-road riding. The o-rings feature a better performing round section which characterizes the latest generation of O-rings. These modern rings extend lubrication interval while reducing friction. When looking for longevity from your drive components, look no further. 120 links of chain is long enough to accommodate any gearing combination being used on any make/model off-road motorcycle.

520 Narrow chains feature the same technology as the 520 chains and are slightly lighter. Recommend for bikes with clearance issues such as Honda CRF 450R’s.

428 chains feature the same technology as the 520 O-ring chains and are available in 130 link.

Regina O-ring Chain Fitment:

  • 520 Chain: 125cc-690cc
  • 520 Narrow Chain: CRF/CRFX 450
    and other bikes with possible chain to case clearance issues.
  • 428 Chain: 80cc-150cc
    All Mini & Super-Mini bikes.