KXF Baja Rally Slide-N-Guide Kit | Green


KXF 250/450 MX (09-14) Version 2 & (11-14) KLX 450R Baja Rally Slide-N-Guide Kit | Green

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  • New for 2013-14 models is a TMD Blue kit color to match the blue KXF engine cases and fork caps.Add a graphics kit with some blue in it for a Hot overall custom look.
  • Our 09-14 Kawasaki Baja Rally Kit consists of our trick 2-Stage noise dampening front Chain Slider, lower/upper Powerlip Roller and our Factory Edition Number 2 rear chain guide with replaceable bottom pad to complete the package.
  • For 2014 we now have a color match green roller set to go along with the slider and guide. Killer looks as a package.
  • This kit has been updated with Version # 2 front chain slider which is quieter and we now have a new black only material that uses a carbon filled resin for 25% longer wear life. If long wear is your priority order the new black carbon fill slider.
  • This blue and Green slider with the right chain slack ajustment will be very close in wear life to the black.
  • Most Motocross riders have reported back that they are now getting 10 months to one full racing year on a single kit. Off road riders are getting 8 months to a year.The better your attention is to chain, sprocket, and proper adjustment pretty much dictates the life of the part.
  • Our Kawasaki Chain Slider and Rear Guide is the only solution to the extremely poor high-wear stock components.
  • This kit has been recommended by Motocross Action, Transworld, Dirt Rider, & Dirt Bike Magazine as the hot setup for your KXF 250 or 450!
  • The Kawasaki Slider comes with a pro-rated 1-year wear warranty unlike our other Baja sliders in (USA only).
  • This is beacause of the lower placed,  downward angle countershaft location in relation to the swingarm pivot axle.
  •  Starting Sept- 2014 we now include the lower & Upper Powerlip roller to replace that terrible gear teeth roller at no extra charge. This package is only available direct from TM Designworks online and our authorized TMD Support dealers.
  • .The Rear chain guide body has a one year warranty against breakage in USA only. The wear pad in the RCG-KX3 rear chain guide is replaceable at a low retail price making it the only guide on the market that you can freshen up like brand new again at a low cost. You never have to pay full or possibly any retail price when you purchase a TM Designworks 100% customer satisfaction product.
  • Used by Monster Energy Kawasaki factory Race teams in the world MX1-2 championships, Canada’s Leading Edge/M.Energy Kawasaki, Cernics, & Kawasaki top Off road rider Taylor Roberts. .
  • Patent # D600,600 USA, & Europeon Countries Patent # 1155048.
  • Choose a special UV protected TMD Black, TMD blue, or TMD green color.


  • KXF 250/450 MX (09-14)
  • KLX 450 R Off road (11-14)  Out of USA bike.

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