Front Sprocket Installation Instructions

The installation of a Dirt Trick’s countershaft sprocket is identical to the installation of an OEM front sprocket. It is recommended to pay attention to the orentation of your used countershaft sprocket when you remove it. This will ensure your new Dirt Trick’s sprocket is installed correctly. Attention must be given to proper torque of any retaining nuts/bolt(s) during the replacement of a countershaft sprocket. Some manufacturers advise that the counter shaft sprocket retainer bolt(s) and/or retainer plates (and/or washers) are not to be re-used. Their service advice should be adhered to. All contacting surfaces should be clean and free of dirt, grease, and oily residue. Consult your owner’s manual for the definitive installation information.

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Attention must be given to torque specifications. Consult your owner’s manual for further information. Failure to adhere to installation instructions could lead to catastrophic and/or damaging failure of one or more parts of the chain drive system.