Cooling Fan Installation Instructions

1. The Dirt Tricks cooling fan kit mounts quickly and easily to your late model KTM. Route the electrical connection to your battery terminals. This can easily be done by removing your seat and tank and following the stock wiring into your air box. Attach the fuse protected orange wire to your positive terminal and the white to your negative terminal. You can use small zip-ties or black tape to secure the wires.

2. Position the fan to the back of your right radiator using the 4 clamp brackets and 3mm Allen bolts. (Note: the 4 clip brackets are attached backwards for shipping. Remove and re-attach to the opposite side) Make sure you have the fan positioned so the switch is easily accessed by the cut out in your radiator shroud. You can move the entire unit up or down to position the switch how you prefer,
then tighten all 4 Allen bolts. (blue loc-tite is recommended) Large capacity tanks may require the fan sitting lower on the radiator to clear the tank. You should still be able to access the on/off switch with a little reaching.

3. Reinstall gas tank/shrouds and seat, now you are ready for the trails! The draw from the fan is only 8 watts which is not enough to drain your battery with your motor running, so you can leave the fan on as much as you like. To prolong the motor life, we recommend only turning it on during periods of low airflow. This would be during hard, slow hill climbs or gnarly single-track; anytime your bike would be getting hot. On average this fan kit will produce about a 25 degree lower operation temperature.

If you have additional installation questions please contact us at or call us at 775-267-6361.

Attention must be given to torque specifications. Consult your owner’s manual for further information. Failure to adhere to installation instructions could lead to catastrophic and/or damaging failure of one or more parts of the chain drive system.